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Upgrading an open fireplace

We take the responsibility of converting your open hearth into an energy-saving hearth, installing the heating cartridge, which improves the performance of the fireplace to a very high degree, taking advantage of up to 75% of the emitted energy. The consumption of fuel wood is reduced, and the exhaust emissions are also much smaller and cleaner as the larger percentage of gases (carbon monoxide) is ignited, which otherwise would be left unburned inside the chimney.
This way, the contribution to environmental protection and saving energy and money is enormous, while the operation of the hearth is absolutely safe.
We handle the whole conversion process easily, quickly and economically.
The open-type hearths have a number of drawbacks which make them cumbersome and uneconomical compared to modern closed-type hearths. Most of the heat is lost in the chimney, and only 15% of the heat energy released by the burning of wood is utilized. Moreover, to operate an open-type hearth requires continuous fresh air suction from the atmosphere.


Lambros Christoforou

Area Xylotymbou,
Exhibition: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm