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Welcome to the online website of the company,
Lambros Christopher Stone Decorations

It is a traditional family, and constantly evolving company with 30 years of continuous operation in a modern plant of 2500 MT located in the Industrial Area of Xylotymbou.

The main object of the company is the production of cement products such as grills, counters, ovens, small warehouses, fire-brick fireplaces, wall caps & wall surroundings, stone edges and garden basins, benches and fence rails.

The company, in response to the general trend to use alternative sources of heating and making use of the created heat of the fireplace, introduces fireplaces, tertiary burning fireplaces, wood stoves and bioethanol.

Our main defining characteristics are consistency for our customers, and the commitment to quality in manufactured products. The company's products are sold to wholesale customers, as well as retail throughout Cyprus.


Lambros Christoforou

Area Xylotymbou,
Exhibition: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm