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Alternative use of heating

The fireplace inserts are true power facilities. The H2O fireplace inserts are provided with a door that rises or a door mounted on hinges and is equipped with a heat exchanger with a built-in water liner intended for incorporation into the heating system.
This combines exclusive design with innovative technology. A high degree of efficiency of water (50-80%) satisfies all of the requirements, yet provides a full fire experience. The patented protected discharge safety device of thermal quantity by gravity circulation system protects against potential hazards in case of power failure. The H2O fireplace inserts ensure cohesive movement of heat.
In normal operation, the heat exchanger transfers the heated water through a pipe-return with a circulation pump. Then, the water is heated inside the electric water chambers and the contingent exhaust gas heat exchanger until it leaves the fireplace insert through the supply tube and is fed into the heating network.


Lambros Christoforou

Area Xylotymbou,
Exhibition: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm